The Light of the Cosmos Revisited – Audio Download

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Casting a truly Christian vision, Dr. Kruger continues to unpack the meaning of Jesus Christ as the true light within which we understand the nature and character of the Triune God, the purpose of God in creation, redemption and history, and the mission of the Holy Spirit. This series also includes lectures by David MacGregor on Karl Barth’s vision of God, and Bruce Wauchope on the influence of Greek philosophy on Western Christian theology. Companion to Set 1, but entirely capable of standing on its own.

The Light of the Cosmos – Audio Download

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“To speak the name of Jesus Christ biblically and in the tradition of the apostles and the early church is to say ‘Trinity,’ and it is to say ‘humanity,’ and it is to say ‘creation,’ and it is to say that ‘the Triune God and the human race and the created world are not separated, but bound together in relationship.  For we cannot speak of Jesus Christ without speaking of his Father and the Holy Spirit, and of his relationship with the human race, and of his relationship with the whole cosmos.  In him, the Father and the Spirit, the human race and all creation are related.  Jesus is himself the relationship.  This is the stunning and mind-boggling truth of all truths in Jesus Christ. Christian theology is charged to take this truth with dead-eyed seriousness” – C. Baxter Kruger.

God is For Us – Paperback

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As the logical sequel to The Parable, this book is as inspiring as it is creative and refreshing. “Adoption! Adoption! Adoption!  This is the first thought, the mystery, the secret of the entire universe.  This s why this world is here, why humanity, the universe, history exists….  Before we were born, before creation was born, before we did anything right or wrong, God the Father determined that we would be brought into union with Him and made full participants in His shared life and glory.  This the staggering plan in the Father’s heart from all eternity.  Out of the womb of this glorious purpose creation was birthed and we were given existence” (pp. 8-9).  From this point in the book Dr. Kruger shows us how Jesus Christ is the way the Father accomplished our adoption.  He then interprets our lives here and now as the process by which we are educated in the truth by the Holy Spirit.

Recovering the Trinitarian Vision – Audio Download

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In this series Baxter outlines the foundation for the Christian vision of the Spirit in the person and work of Christ and the purpose of God for our adoption.  Dr. Blue, speaking out of years of study and personal experience, shares how the Spirit is at work in our lives helping us know Jesus and share in his life.

The Trinity and the Christian Life – Audio Download

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These lectures from the 1999 Tabor College Intensive in Adelaide, Australia give a sweeping and inspiring, yet very practical vision of the relationship between the Father, Son and Spirit and the human race.  Dr. Kruger begins with the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit and interprets creation, the fall of Adam, the beginning of redemption in Israel and the incarnate work of Christ in the light of the eternal purpose of God for our adoption.

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