Jesus and the Undoing of Adam – Audio Download

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Why did Jesus die?  What happened in his death?  Was Jesus the victim of the Father’s wrath or was his death the love of the Father in action?  Dr. Kruger answers these questions by placing them in the context of the Triune life of God, the eternal passion of the Father for our adoption and the disaster of Adam’s Fall.  Jesus did not die to suffer punishment from an angry God.  He died to fulfill the Father’s dreams for us.  For there was no way to go from the Fall of Adam to the right hand of the Father except through death and resurrection. This series includes a powerful critique of the “legal model”  and the way it forces a split within the Father himself and between the character of the Father and Son.  It also includes an outstanding exposition of Jesus’ cry, “My God, My God, why have You Forsaken me?”

The Gospel of John Part 1 – Audio Download

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For the apostle John nothing is more astonishing than the fact that the Father’s only Son has become a human being–forever.  “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  For John, the gospel is not the news that we can receive an absent Jesus into our lives; it is the stunning news that the Father’s Son has received us into his.  Jesus has included us in his world and in his life and relationship with his Father and the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Adoption – Audio Download

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In this series Baxter outlines the foundation for the Christian vision of the Spirit in the person and work of Christ and the purpose of God for our adoption.  Dr. Blue, speaking out of years of study and personal experience, shares how the Spirit is at work in our lives helping us know Jesus and share in his life.

Across All Worlds – eBook

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Jesus has made us part of his life and relationship with his Father and the Spirit.  Such a vision brings hope to us and gives us real reason to live.  But to see ourselves included in Jesus’ relationship with his Father also exposes the life we are living as a quagmire of fear and hiding.  Across All Worlds is about Jesus coming, in his passion for his Father to be known, to establish a personal relationship with us in our darkness.  Herein lies the crisis of our lives.  Jesus will never abandon us to our mythology and the gods and goddesses of our fallen imaginations.  But his presence means that we are haunted to the core of our souls.  His presence with us in our darkness means we know we are made for glory and that we are a long way from living in its freedom and joy.  This books is where the stunning vision of the Trinitarian gospel meets the darkness and pain of our human experience.  There are no simple answers.  Jesus will not abandon us.  But his presence means our theories are exposed as empty and sad and dead.  It is about relationship, about Jesus’ freedom to walk with us in our profound confusion and the mess we make of our lives so that he can bring us to know his Father with him and live our lives in the freedom of the Spirit’s witness to our adoption.

C. Baxter Kruger

The Big Picture: From the Trinity to Our Adoption in Christ – Audio Download

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Beautiful theology that is as breathtaking as it is clear and relevant and exciting. A 40 hour, all encompassing lecture series on Trinitarian Theology. Dr. Kruger unleashed! The series covers the Trinity and the eternal purpose of the Triune God, creation, fall and Israel, the work of Christ, union with Christ and adoption, the mission of the Spirit, faith and repentance, heaven and hell. Dr. Kruger also addresses the question of theological method, the devastating impact of the Enlightenment, and offers a critique of Augustinian and Western theology. This series also includes discussion of his famous soul diagram.

Patmos- ebook

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When Aidan finds himself far from his native Mississippi, he inexplicably meets the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos. Beaten down by the modern world and desperate for answers his years of study have failed to satisfy, Aidan is confronted with astounding insight from the beloved disciple of Jesus. The two begin an extraordinary dialogue of truth and lies, revelation and deception, sorrow and joy.

Through dreams and mind-bending discussions, the wise apostle exposes the lie of all lies about Jesus, leaving Aidan shaken to the core…but liberated. Transformed, Aidan is eager to learn more.

But when John has a vision of the next awakening in Western history, Aidan knows he must return and preach the truth of all truths—before it’s too late.

The Hope of Glory: The Finished Work of Jesus Christ – Audio Download

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In this series, Pastor David Kowalick of the Fishgate Church in Adelaide, Australia addresses the great biblical theme of “glory.”  He shows us how “glory” refers to the essential nature of a person or thing, and then shows us how Jesus is the revelation of the Father’s glory and ours.  Kowalick’s lectures are supplemented by seminars by Ken Blue on healing spiritual abuse and Bruce Wauchope on the gospel and mental health.

The Gospel of John Part 2 – Audio Download

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Dr. Kruger shows how Jesus Christ is our new birth and how our new life in him creates a series of conflicts within us and our religion, demanding that we rethink everything we thought we knew about God, ourselves and our religion.  As powerful as it is beautiful.

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