The Parable of the Dancing God – eBook (free)

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“In his story of the prodigal son Jesus confronts the Pharisees and religious legalists of every generation with a stunning vision of his Father.  Far from being a bean-counting legalist who is interested only in how we measure up to his rules, Jesus reveals God to be a Father who passionately loves his children forever.  Its about relationship, not law, knowing the Father’s heart, not keeping an abstract ledger.  The legalists could not be more wrong, and Jesus tells the story of the father and his two sons as an in-your-face attack on the god of Pharisees’ and our fallen imaginations, that we may know his Father with him and life in his embrace.” C. Baxter Kruger

The Secret – eBook (free)

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This book is a veritable laser beam cutting through the haze of religious confusion. With the turn of a few pages you will se Jesus Christ, not as a spectator who merely watches you from a distance, but as the secret of your very existence. You will come to see your self and your life as you have never seen them. Simple. Clear. Astonishing. This book should be required reading for every person in the Western World.

The Parable of the Dancing God – Paperback (5 pack)

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Building on Jesus’ story of a father and his two sons, Dr. Kruger’s first—and now internationally best-selling—book is a short and powerful picture of the shocking truth about God. Far from being a bookkeeping legalist, who watches us like a hawk to see if we keep His rules, the Father Jesus reveals is a passionate Father who loves us forever, and desires nothing from us except that we know His acceptance and delight and live in their freedom.  Loved around the world and used by pastors, therapists and recovery groups everywhere, this little book brings you face to face with the Father heart of God.  It is simple, direct and fearlessly beautiful.

Home – eBook

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Home is among the most evocative and haunting words in our language. Like any other word, it is simply an arrangement of consonants and vowels, yet it possesses the uncanny capacity to speak volumes to us and an almost magical ability to touch our souls. Why is this? What is it about this word? Why does it seem to have such a special ability to touch us so deeply?

The Gospel and Mental Health – Audio Download

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Drawing on twenty years of medical and counseling experience, Dr. Bruce Wauchope of Australia takes us inside our own fallen minds and shows us how Jesus brings real healing to our damaged souls.   Far from being a mere lecture, Bruce’s style is more a form of theological and pastoral prayer.

Jesus and the Undoing of Adam – Paperback

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Jesus and the Undoing of Adam is straight from the heart of St. Athanasius and the early Church.  In this relatively short but powerful book, Dr. Kruger takes us behind Augustine to rethink the work of Jesus Christ in the light of the doctrine of the Trinity.  Dr. Kruger sets forward a stunning vision of the Triune God and articulates a view of Christ’s incarnate life, death, resurrection and ascension that is rigorously consistent with the truth that the Triune God eternally purposed our adoption in Jesus Christ.

Patmos- Paperback




When Aidan finds himself far from his native Mississippi, he inexplicably meets the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos. Beaten down by the modern world and desperate for answers his years of study have failed to satisfy, Aidan is confronted with astounding insight from the beloved disciple of Jesus. The two begin an extraordinary dialogue of truth and lies, revelation and deception, sorrow and joy.

Through dreams and mind-bending discussions, the wise apostle exposes the lie of all lies about Jesus, leaving Aidan shaken to the core…but liberated. Transformed, Aidan is eager to learn more.

But when John has a vision of the next awakening in Western history, Aidan knows he must return and preach the truth of all truths—before it’s too late.

The Great Dance – Audio Download

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The original lectures delivered before the book. Dr. Kruger  charts a course from the beautiful Trinitarian life of God to the incarnation of the Son and the union of humanity with the Triune God in Jesus Christ. In the light of the relationship Jesus has established between the life he lives with his Father and Spirit and the human race, Baxter interprets our human existence here and now and nothing short of our participation in the Trinitarian life itself.

The Shack Revisited – Signed Copy (Paperback)

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wmpyBaxter Kruger will stun readers with his unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius as he takes them deeper into the wonder, worship, and possibility that is the world of The Shack.

Wm Paul Young – from the foreword to THE SHACK REVISITED

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