Across All Worlds – Paperback

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Jesus has made us part of his life and relationship with his Father and the Spirit.  Such a vision brings hope to us and gives us real reason to live.  But to see ourselves included in Jesus’ relationship with his Father also exposes the life we are living as a quagmire of fear and hiding.  Across All Worlds is about Jesus coming, in his passion for his Father to be known, to establish a personal relationship with us in our darkness.  Herein lies the crisis of our lives.  Jesus will never abandon us to our mythology and the gods and goddesses of our fallen imaginations.  But his presence means that we are haunted to the core of our souls.  His presence with us in our darkness means we know we are made for glory and that we are a long way from living in its freedom and joy.  This books is where the stunning vision of the Trinitarian gospel meets the darkness and pain of our human experience.  There are no simple answers.  Jesus will not abandon us.  But his presence means our theories are exposed as empty and sad and dead.  It is about relationship, about Jesus’ freedom to walk with us in our profound confusion and the mess we make of our lives so that he can bring us to know his Father with him and live our lives in the freedom of the Spirit’s witness to our adoption.

God is For Us – Paperback

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As the logical sequel to The Parable, this book is as inspiring as it is creative and refreshing. “Adoption! Adoption! Adoption!  This is the first thought, the mystery, the secret of the entire universe.  This s why this world is here, why humanity, the universe, history exists….  Before we were born, before creation was born, before we did anything right or wrong, God the Father determined that we would be brought into union with Him and made full participants in His shared life and glory.  This the staggering plan in the Father’s heart from all eternity.  Out of the womb of this glorious purpose creation was birthed and we were given existence” (pp. 8-9).  From this point in the book Dr. Kruger shows us how Jesus Christ is the way the Father accomplished our adoption.  He then interprets our lives here and now as the process by which we are educated in the truth by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus and the Undoing of Adam – Paperback

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Jesus and the Undoing of Adam is straight from the heart of St. Athanasius and the early Church.  In this relatively short but powerful book, Dr. Kruger takes us behind Augustine to rethink the work of Jesus Christ in the light of the doctrine of the Trinity.  Dr. Kruger sets forward a stunning vision of the Triune God and articulates a view of Christ’s incarnate life, death, resurrection and ascension that is rigorously consistent with the truth that the Triune God eternally purposed our adoption in Jesus Christ.

Patmos- Paperback




When Aidan finds himself far from his native Mississippi, he inexplicably meets the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos. Beaten down by the modern world and desperate for answers his years of study have failed to satisfy, Aidan is confronted with astounding insight from the beloved disciple of Jesus. The two begin an extraordinary dialogue of truth and lies, revelation and deception, sorrow and joy.

Through dreams and mind-bending discussions, the wise apostle exposes the lie of all lies about Jesus, leaving Aidan shaken to the core…but liberated. Transformed, Aidan is eager to learn more.

But when John has a vision of the next awakening in Western history, Aidan knows he must return and preach the truth of all truths—before it’s too late.

The Great Dance – Paperback

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“God is not a ‘scarecrow in a melon patch.’  Nor is he like Scrooge, who found it natural to spoil all Christmas festivities.  Rather God is, in Baxter Kruger’s inimitable joyous presentation, ‘the God of the great dance.’  For Dr. Kruger gives us a vision of the Christian life that is powerful, winsome, hospitable, intimate, and oh so relevant and personal to the desires of the human heart with its eternal longings.”

—James Houston, Professor Emeritus, Regent College, Vancouver

The Parable of the Dancing God – Paperback (5 pack)

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Building on Jesus’ story of a father and his two sons, Dr. Kruger’s first—and now internationally best-selling—book is a short and powerful picture of the shocking truth about God. Far from being a bookkeeping legalist, who watches us like a hawk to see if we keep His rules, the Father Jesus reveals is a passionate Father who loves us forever, and desires nothing from us except that we know His acceptance and delight and live in their freedom.  Loved around the world and used by pastors, therapists and recovery groups everywhere, this little book brings you face to face with the Father heart of God.  It is simple, direct and fearlessly beautiful.

The Shack Revisited – Signed Copy (Paperback)

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wmpyBaxter Kruger will stun readers with his unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius as he takes them deeper into the wonder, worship, and possibility that is the world of The Shack.

Wm Paul Young – from the foreword to THE SHACK REVISITED

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