Jesus and the Undoing of Adam – Audio Download

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Why did Jesus die?  What happened in his death?  Was Jesus the victim of the Father’s wrath or was his death the love of the Father in action?  Dr. Kruger answers these questions by placing them in the context of the Triune life of God, the eternal passion of the Father for our adoption and the disaster of Adam’s Fall.  Jesus did not die to suffer punishment from an angry God.  He died to fulfill the Father’s dreams for us.  For there was no way to go from the Fall of Adam to the right hand of the Father except through death and resurrection. This series includes a powerful critique of the “legal model”  and the way it forces a split within the Father himself and between the character of the Father and Son.  It also includes an outstanding exposition of Jesus’ cry, “My God, My God, why have You Forsaken me?”

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