The Gospel and Mental Health – Audio Download

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Drawing on twenty years of medical and counseling experience, Dr. Bruce Wauchope of Australia takes us inside our own fallen minds and shows us how Jesus brings real healing to our damaged souls.   Far from being a mere lecture, Bruce’s style is more a form of theological and pastoral prayer.

The Great Dance – Audio Download

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The original lectures delivered before the book. Dr. Kruger  charts a course from the beautiful Trinitarian life of God to the incarnation of the Son and the union of humanity with the Triune God in Jesus Christ. In the light of the relationship Jesus has established between the life he lives with his Father and Spirit and the human race, Baxter interprets our human existence here and now and nothing short of our participation in the Trinitarian life itself.

Dare to Trust: The Adventure of Letting the Father Love You – Audio Download

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Jesus wants his Father known.  He has crossed all worlds to find us and relate to us so that we can know his Father with him and live life in His embrace.  This series is about our blindness and how Jesus relates to us in our darkness. We want a quick fix, but that is not how it works.  For the life Jesus lives with his Father and Spirit and the life we live in our darkness don’t fit together like a hand in a glove. Jesus has forever included us in his world, but we are scared to death, and we bring with us a deeply alienated way of looking at things, a profound wrong-headedness and confusion. Practical, historical and very personal, this series helps us see how life in Christ really works.

The Nicene Creed – Audio Download

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Taking their cue from St. Athanasius and the Nicene Creed. Drs. Kruger and Lucas, offer four groundbreaking lectures on the gospel in the Trinitarian perspective. From the eternal passion of the Father to the centrality of Jesus Christ in creation and redemption, these lectures take us out of our Western mind-set to see the gospel with the early church. If you want to encounter the heart of the Father, see Jesus as the early church saw him, and understand what has happened to the church in the West, then this series is for you.

Home Revisited – Audio Download

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The human heart longs for meaning and purpose.  We are not made to live for ourselves.  Meaninglessness is too great a burden to bear.  But why are we here and what is our life about?  In this series Dr. Kruger sets forward the fact that we are all included in the Triune life of God and this inclusion is the source of our longing.  We are not here by accident.  We are not the product of random processes that just happened to lead to our existence.  We are here by plan and purpose of the Triune God.

The Shack Conference: The Story Behind the Shack

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Join Paul Young (author of The Shack), Malcolm Smith, Ken Blue, and C. Baxter Kruger in an exciting series that explores the story of The Shack and its theological themes.  In this 11 hour series, each man shares on a different theme of the book.

The Gospel of John Part 1 – Audio Download

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For the apostle John nothing is more astonishing than the fact that the Father’s only Son has become a human being–forever.  “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”  For John, the gospel is not the news that we can receive an absent Jesus into our lives; it is the stunning news that the Father’s Son has received us into his.  Jesus has included us in his world and in his life and relationship with his Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus and the Undoing of Adam – Audio Download

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Why did Jesus die?  What happened in his death?  Was Jesus the victim of the Father’s wrath or was his death the love of the Father in action?  Dr. Kruger answers these questions by placing them in the context of the Triune life of God, the eternal passion of the Father for our adoption and the disaster of Adam’s Fall.  Jesus did not die to suffer punishment from an angry God.  He died to fulfill the Father’s dreams for us.  For there was no way to go from the Fall of Adam to the right hand of the Father except through death and resurrection. This series includes a powerful critique of the “legal model”  and the way it forces a split within the Father himself and between the character of the Father and Son.  It also includes an outstanding exposition of Jesus’ cry, “My God, My God, why have You Forsaken me?”

The Big Picture: From the Trinity to Our Adoption in Christ – Audio Download

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Beautiful theology that is as breathtaking as it is clear and relevant and exciting. A 40 hour, all encompassing lecture series on Trinitarian Theology. Dr. Kruger unleashed! The series covers the Trinity and the eternal purpose of the Triune God, creation, fall and Israel, the work of Christ, union with Christ and adoption, the mission of the Spirit, faith and repentance, heaven and hell. Dr. Kruger also addresses the question of theological method, the devastating impact of the Enlightenment, and offers a critique of Augustinian and Western theology. This series also includes discussion of his famous soul diagram.

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