‘Heresy Hunters’ and ‘Doctrine Police’ – A response to Tim Challies’ blog: John MacMurray

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With the release of the movie The Shack, there has been a renewed interest and fair amount of talk about the good/bad or truth/error of the book and the author himself, William Paul Young. Additionally, the recent release of Paul’s new non-fiction book, Lies We Believe About God, has doubled the size of the lightning rod that is Paul Young and The Shack.

I have been slow and a bit reluctant to enter this fray, because though I relish conversations, I do not enjoy debate, and I detest arguments… and I fear that might be the outcome of offering my opinion. But for the sake of the many who have asked about a certain blog that Tim Challies wrote, and for the sake of the many who have real questions regarding their understanding of God, I have decided to write – even against what may, in fact, be sounder judgment. I am not necessarily an authority, but I do bring a real familiarity with the worldview that shapes Mr. Challies objections, because I taught from that perspective for many, many years, both in schools and churches. So here we go…

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