Does the Shack Teach Universalism?

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“Do you think The Shack book and movie promote universalism, as some of its critics allege? If you don’t believe it does, how does The Shack movie present the ultimate judgment and wrath of God?”

Ben McEachen,


Paul Young is on record as saying he is a ‘hopeful Universalist’, for which there is much precedent amongst the early church fathers. And in a way, who isn’t? Does anyone not wish that ultimately everyone will see God for who He really is then lay down their sinful and selfish ways and embrace him? Does anyone actively want to see anyone else punished for all eternity? I certainly don’t.

God has given the authority to judge humanity to His son, and when Jesus was on the earth he didn’t spend a whole lot of time judging and condemning people. Mostly he spent it teaching, healing and forgiving people. We think we know what ‘judgment’ and ‘wrath’ means, that there is a common definition of those terms, but what if that is a human definition and God has a different definition? What if God’s ‘judgement’ is mercy, and what if his ‘holiness’ is love?

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  • Larry McKnight

    The discussion above (and further on the referenced blog) points me to one simple question that has given me a place to rest above the swirling controversy around “universalism”. Without argument, the scriptures clearly state that God, “…is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.” and, “…desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” My question then is this: What possible excuse can I have not to earnestly and sincerely share His wishes and align myself with His desires in this matter? Furthermore, should I not also apply my faith to this end without doubting to see the substance of this undeniably glorious hope turned into reality?

    May God get His wish and see His fondest desires fulfilled. Jesus gave all to make it so.

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