A 3 Part Interview on Trinitarian Theology

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Watch this three part interview with Dr. Kruger on Trinitarian Theology: (links will open in a new window).

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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  • Laures Simmons

    An Experience With The Triune God

    (Told By Laures Simmons)
    When I was an adult, my mother, told me about an experience she had in 1951 when I was a baby.

    Mom gave her heart to Jesus as a young child and she loved Him so much, she only wanted to serve Him. At the age of 9, she had a vision that she was sitting under a tree, looking out on a dirt road. She saw the 12 apostles walking toward her on that road, and she knew that God was calling her to be a missionary. She did not realize then that her ‘missionary’ calling would be very different than she imagined!

    Because she wanted to be a missionary, she had not intended to marry, but thankfully did! In 1946 during their studies at Wheaton College, my parents married, and by 1951 had their first three of seven children.

    My father worked for a high school ministry called Young Life and Mom thought she would share in that ministry. When Dad was transferred to Seattle to begin Young Life work there, he had to be away from home a great deal and mother was left at home to care for us 3 little girls – ages 3 ½, 1 ½ and a baby – me. She was discouraged and depressed, and wondered if this was all her life would ever be.

    One day when she was at her lowest point, she was in our basement doing laundry while we were playing at her feet. In her heart, mom called out to the Lord and asked him what happened to His promise to her to be a missionary and bring people to Jesus. Caring for three small children, pretty much on her own, was not how she had envisioned her life.
    Suddenly, she had an experience with The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit: she was surrounded by Them in a ring of fire. She found herself in the middle of Their love flowing back and forth to each other, a love that captured her, washed over her and poured into her spirit. She had never experienced such overwhelming love and joy. She told me that she never felt God’s presence leave her after that day.
    Mom had many hardships to face throughout her adult life: trying to feed and clothe a family of 9 on a very small income – sometimes no income; a husband that was unable to give much time to his wife and children because he felt so much pressure in his ministry; being transferred to other cities over the years where many of the church leaders bitterly tried to block my parents from ministering to non-church attending teens.
    Through all this and for many years to come, mom stayed faithful to The Lord and ministered to many people in her home. It was a place where many felt at home and loved for the first time in their lives. At her funeral in 2001, person after person came to the microphone to share of their love for her and their gratitude for her ministry to them. I often tell people that my mom was a “kitchen table missionary”.
    All of this came to pass because The Triune God met my mom in her time of despair, and she experienced His love and relationship – in her drab little basement laundry room.
    Laures Simmons

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