“Thank you, Baxter, for recovering what has been so sadly, tragically lost to so many Christians. Trinity, and all that it implies, must be rediscovered as central to the reform of Christianity.” —Richard Rohr, bestselling author of Everything Belongs
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The Shack Revisited
"Baxter Kruger will stun readers with his unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius as he takes them deeper into the wonder, worship, and possibility that is the world of The Shack." - from the foreword by William Paul Young

“It is not about you inviting Jesus into your life; it is about Jesus already including you in His.” – Across All Worlds

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Athanasius of Alexandria

On The Incarnation

Ikone_Athanasius_von_AlexandriaRecommended by Dr. Kruger for a foundational understanding of the incarnation.

Books Available by Dr. Kruger

In addition to the International Best Seller The Shack Revisited, Dr. Kruger is the author of Across All WorldsGod is For UsThe Great Dance, and Jesus and the Undoing of Adam. Dr. Kruger has also authored the wildly successful Parable of the Dancing God and an eBook entitled Home. all of Baxter’s books are available in our online store for purchase. Click any title or below to visit the bookstore.

The Shack Revisited
Jesus and the Undoing of Adam
Across All Worlds
The Great Dance
God is For Us
The Parable of the Dancing God
  • "Among the theological books available to the broader market The Shack Revisited asserts itself like a battleship in a marina full of fiberglass boats. In this book, Baxter Kruger has done more than merely put forward a theological framework for Paul Young’s bestseller; he has gathered threads from the entire width of the Christian tradition, and from the depth of two thousand years of history to weave together a clear and compelling restatement of Christian belief, which, for me at least, makes me proud to be called ‘Christian.’ I cannot imagine how anyone could possibly refute the logic or the weight of scholarship in this book. Yet it is eminently readable and enthralling. The last chapter on the Holy Spirit is, perhaps, the most remarkable thing I have ever read on the subject. A ‘must read’ for any serious thinker or church leader."

    David Kowalick
    David Kowalick Ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia
  • "Dr. Kruger’s, book, The Shack Revisited encourages a thoughtful and surprising perspective on God based on the ancient orthodoxy of the New Testament and the early Church. Dr. Kruger recalls his first reading The Shack and being gripped by its gut-wrenching drama, then concludes, ‘The Shack is not about the disapproving god of our fallen imaginations; it is about the shocking fondness of the triune God for sinners.’ Baxter’s exposition of the Trinity, who seeks to engage us in a relationship that heals and sanctifies, is incredibly challenging and hopeful."

    Dan Price, PhD
    Dan Price, PhD Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Eureka, California
  • "Baxter Kruger brings his typical down-to-earth charm to this masterful job of laying out in clear, layman's terms the rock-solid historical Christian theology behind Paul Young's best-selling novel. Fans of The Shack are going to love The Shack Revisited."

    Joe Tkach
    Joe Tkach President, Grace Communion International
  • "There is only one faith that matters, not what we believe about God, but what God believes about us! There is only one authentic theology, not our ideas about God, but the revelation that mankind is God’s idea... The Shack Revisited is a remarkable study, and it bears witness of the many hours and indeed years of deep thought, research and logical, anointed reasoning that matured in Baxter’s understanding of the infinite riches of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s eternal intent to unite all things in themselves, which has happened in Jesus Christ, as it was eternally planned... I love the shocking, stubborn, and sober insight that makes both Paul Young’s The Shack, and Baxter Kruger’s The Shack Revisited most relevant theology! Divine logic is what theology was always meant to be... May this epic study usher in an unstoppable global reformation of re-thinking and remembering our authentic genesis when Deity declared their eternal intent: ‘Let us make man in our image and in our likeness!"

    Francois Du Toit
    Francois Du Toit Author of The Mirror Bible
  • To all those who took the time to read and study The Shack, to those who bought several copies or a case or more and gave them away and emailed me your wonderful stories, I want to say, “Thank you, and please read The Shack Revisited.” If you want to understand better the perspectives and theology that frame The Shack, this book is for you. Baxter has taken on the incredible task of exploring the nature and character of the God who met me in my own shack. A Mississippi theologian who cut his intellectual teeth in Aberdeen, Scotland with the Torrance brothers, Baxter is a unique cross of intellectual brilliance and creative genius... He is a master of making difficult things understandable for the rest of us. If you found hope and encouragement through The Shack, this book will help you take more steps in knowing the love of Papa, Sarayu, and Jesus."

    Wm. Paul Young
    Wm. Paul Young Author of The Shack, Crossroads, & Eve
  • "The Shack Revisited is the best book you will find to help you understand the theology behind The Shack. This book will change the way you see your God, yourself and the world around you. I can't recommend it highly enough to do it justice. Read it and watch your paradigm transform into one of pure grace."

    Steve McVey
    Steve McVey Author of GraceWalk and Beyond an Angry God
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