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“To speak the name of Jesus Christ biblically and in the tradition of the apostles and the early church is to say ‘Trinity,’ and it is to say ‘humanity,’ and it is to say ‘creation,’ and it is to say that ‘the Triune God and the human race and the created world are not separated, but bound together in relationship. For we cannot speak of Jesus Christ without speaking of his Father and the Holy Spirit, and of his relationship with the human race, and of his relationship with the whole cosmos. In him, the Father and the Spirit, the human race and all creation are related. Jesus is himself the relationship. This is the stunning and mind-boggling truth of all truths in Jesus Christ. Christian theology is charged to take this truth with dead-eyed seriousness” C. Baxter Kruger). Lectures: (1) Augustine’s Stepchild, (2) A Discourse on Method, (3) The Light of the World, Part 1, (4) The Light of the World, Part 2, (5) The Light of the World, Part 3.

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